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Types of Tyre Marks

In traffic crash investigation and reconstruction tyre marks are very importance piece of evidence as each of them is produced by a specific action of the vehicle during the vehicle collision. Tyre marks can provide indication about what a driver did or attempted to do prior to and after a collision. In general, a tire… Read More
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Coefficient of friction vs Drag factor

Drag factor and coefficient are expression commonly used in crash investigation and reconstruction. They are usually used to calculate vehicle speed calculations based upon tyre mark geometry. The coefficient-of-friction μ is defined as the ratio of the tangential force F(tan) (parallel to the surface) applied to an object sliding across a surface to the normal… Read More
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Human Factors in Crash Reconstruction

According to Fricke in Traffic Crash Reconstruction (2010)1 collision (harmful event) may result from: Failure to perceive a situation Failure in deciding what to do about it Failure to do properly what was decided These three kinds of failure may occur in as illustrate below: 1) Trip preparation, 2) Driving Strategy 3) Evasive tactics. REFERENCES… Read More